In 1995, Davidson-Macri Sweeping, Inc. purchased the Used Sweeper newsletter from the late Bill Riddle, who produced the monthly publication for years from his homebase in California.

Used Sweeper newsletter is an industry publication with hundreds of listings for used equipment and services of the pavement maintenance industry.

Since its inception, Our magazines have grown steadily, with a circulation of more than 9,000 for Sweeper Market and 13,000 for Paver Market serving readers across the United States and in Canada. A publication what once used to be known as Used Sweeper newsletter changed its moniker in 1995 to Sweeper Market, and has evolved to include Paver Market our second publication in 2001.

Sweeper Market and Paver Market feature the classified and display advertisements to be the source of the world's largest list of used asphalt and sweeping equipment.

Sweeper Market and Paver Market are Davidson-Macri Sweeping, Inc., publications, edited by Mark Boyer and produced in Bellevue, WA, a suburb of Seattle.

Contact SweeperMarket or Paver Market at [email protected]. For more information call (800) 603-9089.

Mark Boyer Editor
12020 SE 32nd Street Suite 4, Bellevue, WA 98005
800-603-9089 - 425-391-9221 - fax 425-289-1167
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